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HD-SDI Video Over Coax QAM Modulator :: Thorbroadcast
Real Time Encoder with Digital TV Modulator and IPTV Server
Part Number# H-1SDI-QAM-IP
Input: 1x HD-SDI, 1x DVB-ASI
Outputs: 1x QAM - 1x Program, 1x IP MPTS, 2x DVB-ASI
Thor part number H-1SDI-QAM-IP is a standard QAM-IP Chassis equipped with a 1 Channel HD-SDI encoder card. The encoder supports SDI inputs up to HD-SDI at 1.5Gbps. This card supports native HD resolutions at 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Frame rates up to 60fps are supported for all video resolutions. The encoder parameters can be set through the web interface or via the front panel. For the video codec, both MPEG-2 and H.264 can be selected, and the encoding rate is adjustable from 1-20 Mbps. The audio encoding is through embedded SDI audio input, and the encoding rate is adjustable from 64-320 kbps. Thor also carries external audio embedded for use with external analog or digital audio sources if embedded SDI audio is not available. Other available settings are Program Name, Service ID, PMT PID, Video PID, Audio PID, and PCR PID. These parameters are used for Electronic Programing Guide systems, and for program information display on the decoded content.
Private Cable TV System Channel Generation
Thor QAM-IP systems can be used to generate entire HDTV cable TV channel lineups from a multitude of content sources. Any computer, video player, cable set top box, or satellite receiver can be used as a content source to create a new digital HDTV program on any frequency or sub channel. Cable TV distribution over coax can be easily expanded, usually by only adding a splitter. The output can be viewed on any digital HDTV with the internal tuner. This eliminates the need for set top boxes. Local and regional copyright laws may apply in your area, pleases ensure that proper content distribution licensing rights are acquired from the content owner prior to commercial usage.
Thor QAM-IP Real Time Encoders are designed to bridge the gap between digital content creators and their audience. In today`s world, digital video can be created by almost any device. However, uncompressed digital video such as HDMI or SDI carries a tremendous amount of information. In order to broadcast or distribute video it must be encoded. Encoding compresses the video information to a manageable data rate so it can travel to the end user. Digital TV channels use RF (Radio Frequency) signals to carry this encoded video information to a TV tuner or recording device. This is how Digital Cable and Digital Over The Air TV services work. However more and more content is now being delivered over IP networks such as the internet and private VPN`s. The QAM-IP platform is designed to bridge these previously separate content delivery mediums. A single QAM-IP Real Time Encoder can deliver up to 4 channels of live video content as a standard digital TV channel while also providing a live internet stream to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or local IPTV system.
Thor QAM-IP series real time digital encoders are one of the most versatile encoding systems on the market. An internal web server provides convenient access for management and monitoring with a web interface accessible through any standard web browser. All settings are also available through the front panel. Each QAM-IP system supports real time encoding of 1 to 4 channels of HD or SD content in a 1RU chassis. Each video input is fed to a dedicated hardware encoder that can be independently configured for bit rate, codec, and program ID. For broadcasting applications, the QAM-IP platform features an internal ASI multiplexer with add/drop abilities. This allows externally encoded programs to be added to the units output, and can also be used for a broadcast contribution feed to a cable TV Headend system. After selecting the desired programing through the management service, all content becomes available as live digital TV channels that can be set to any frequency from 2-135. Thor offers firmware versions for all major world modulation protocols, such as QAM, 8VSB, DVB-T, DVB-C, and ISDB-T. RF output power is a strong 45 dBmV, and the output can be adjusted through the web interface or front panel via an internal attenuator to as low as 15 dBmV. The same content is also available as a live IP stream that can be sent over the internet to a CDN, Cloud Server, or local IPTV Media Server. Thor offers assistance with configuration of internet cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services. Contact a sales representative for more information.
If you cherished this posting and you would like to obtain a lot more details regarding hd sdi modulator kindly take a look at our webpage. Features
• Real Time HD Encoder with HD-SDI Input
• High Level Encoding for both MPEG-2 or H.264 Codec
• Full HD 1080p60 encoding supported through H.264
• Digital HD agile RF output selectable to any standard VHF or UHF channel
• Adjustable RF output power level from 15-45 dBmV
• Supports worldwide DVB standards: QAM, 8VSB, DVB-T, DVB-C, and ISDB-T
• All Functions accessable through Web Interface and Front Panel
• IP Output for use with IPTV Media Servers and Internet CDN Services
• DVB-ASI In/Out/Multiplex functions with Add/Drop abilities
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