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Posted By admin on April 12th, 2013

While doing God’s work, which was, making old beer cans into new beer cans, I was helping a co-worker, Rick operate a tension-leveler.  He was shaking his head, totally pissed off, and very animated when he said the following: Rick)   Can you believe this? I was just talking to X (I don’t remember who X was after […]


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This is the story so far…

Posted By Cockmanzee on April 11th, 2013

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The story of Oliver the Humanzee

This is about Oliver, but it is not the documentary from the discovery channel that I saw when I learned of Oliver.  The discovery channel documentary dragged out the important details until the summary at the end of the hour long show.  Within a few minutes of watching the documentary, I knew for certain that Oliver had become a problem, and it was more than likely that Janet had become a statistic.  Chimp owners always have the same problem, the chimpanzee becomes sexual.  Elvis Presley and Micheal Jackson had both gotten rid of their chimpanzees for the same reason.  Elvis could not be around women with the chimp.  The chimp couldn’t fuck something so hideous as Jackson, once Jackson’s nose fell off his face,and Micheal turned to young boys.  I’m surprised that they disclosed the sexual encounter, but as I prove, they minimized it as well.  I was elated when I guessed righted.  Probably, the most important hour of television I ever watched.  As any expert will tell you, myself included, the only things that matters are the following:

Were Oliver’s parents statistics?

What does the DNA tell us?

When did Janet first become a statistic?

According to both videos, there was an incident, where Janet was bent over an fucked by Oliver ~ year sixteen.  I usually talk like a doctor, but since you are not a doctor, I’ll put it in layman’s terms, she had been properly violated.  As if there was only incident.  Yeah, right, sell that shit to someone else.  Common sense tell’s me that year 16 was when all the sexual activity between Janet and Oliver could NO longer be hidden or explained away.  By then, Janet would just point to her vagina, a say, “It happened.”

Janet and her husband first acquired Oliver as they had acquired others.  Oliver was always different and needed special attention, which he always got from Janet.  She would mother him.  Somewhere along the line, all things went badly.  Maybe not covering up his genital’s caused her to be always be thinking and dream about it.  Just simmering.  Maybe the bubble baths they shared following a soccer game were inappropriate, especially if they lost.  Looking back, maybe Janet should not have worn lip stick and no clothes during bath time as it sent the wrong message.  I’m sure the clothes came off only so the clothes would stay dry or so she thought.

From the pictures/video I’ve seen Oliver matured quickly.  Instead of using a leash she might have been leading him around by his penis.  Also flourishing, at this time, is Janet’s notoriety, within the public and science community, for even possessing such unique specimen.  At this point in time, their lives are forever intertwined.  Like Lennon and McCartney or Jagger and Richards.  It’s hard to say whether the sex was consensual at first, after all, those monkey’s have retard strength.  I speculated this Ape Rape of Janet lasted for about 10 years.  An interesting footnote is that these acts are not considered dating.  I don’t think you can “date” an animal.  I’ve dated, no, dating is different.

I’m certain that when somebody walked in on the sexual activity of these two, it was said to be “an isolated incident.”  The next time, just a “phase Oliver is going through,” and so it continued. It is only when Janet and her husband can’t even have guests over to the house, without Oliver penetrating Janet in the guests presence do they finally confront reality.  I like how in this new video I have linked for you, A doctor contemplating taking the humanzee off Janet’s hands decides to show it to his mother.  This thing FUCKS WOMAN AT WILL, WITH RETARD STRENGTH, and he sends it his mother’s way. Classic.  What is he thinking?  This is so rich.   Everybody knows I can talk about this endlessly but this was a good start.  You can either study this subject, or study me while I study this subject.